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Land- & Tuinbouw Handelsmissie Kurdistan - Noord Irak 

Agricultural and Horticulture Trade Mission to Kurdistan Region - North Iraq

Datum: Zaterdag 02 oktober 2021 to vrijdag 8 oktober 2021 ( Date: Saturday 2nd of October 2021 to 8th of October 2021) 
Organisator / Organizer : Bakir Lashkari (Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium) in close cooperation with RVO & Dutch General Counsel in Arbil - Kurdistan Region Iraq

Entree kosten 750,00 (exclusief ticket en hotel accomodatie kosten)

(Entry cost 750.00 excluding ticket and hotel accommodation cost, including Match Making and total guidance from business opportunities up to and including closing deal)

Evenement data Van zaterdag 2 oktober 2021 10:30 Tot vrijdag 8 oktober 2021 12:00
Event date From 2nd of October 2021  10:30 through 8th of October 2021 12:00 o'çlock 

The Kurdistan region - Iraq priorities in  the fields of agriculture are restoring its own grain production and growing vegetables (from importer to exporter), drink water management including desalination and the development of its own agri-food industry. In addition, there are great opportunities for cooperation in dairy farms, greenhouses (horticulture) and drink water purification as well as supplying of pumps and hydraulics in all sectors. A MOI signed recently between the Dutch Government & KRG for developing and supporting the agriculture sector in Kurdistan Region - Iraq.

Programma volgt (Program will be followed asap)


How can we get the economy going again?

When will the economy be good again? 

It is natural to want to see a light at the end of the tunnel, obviously in terms of the health crisis caused by coronavirus but also for the economy. And there will be one - eventually.

Social distancing can't last forever. Here's what should come next.

Three stages:

  • Contraction
  • A partial bounceback
  • The long slog 


Why this Appathon apps failed?

  • Privacy is not guaranteed
  • The storage of data is messy, hasty and chaotic

“Appathon” – a digital event to test and improve the operation of the corona apps       On Saturday April 18 and Sunday April 19, 7 teams will participate in the “appathon”, a digital event to test and improve the operation of the corona apps. According to experts, the apps of these 7 teams best match the working process of the GGD for doing source and contact research, while at the same time meeting requirements that are set in areas such as privacy, data and information security and ease of use. This weekend’s ‘appathon’ can be followed by interested parties via the website

Who are the 7 participants?

  • Covid19 (
  • DDT Consortium (
  • Accenture B.V. (
  • Capgemini Nederland BV (
  • ITO (
  • DEUS BV (
  • Sia Partners (


How were the 7 participants selected?

After the invitation this weekend, more than 700 responses were received, of which 660 actually contain a proposal. On Tuesday 14 April, all these proposals were processed and administratively assessed for, among other things, completeness and focused on the support for the work of the GGD mentioned in the invitation. After this, 63 proposals remained. These were reviewed today by 67 experts in the field of epidemiology, health care, privacy, information security and ICT. These 7 participants are based on their advice.

The preparation of the ‘appathon’ starts today, where the participants have to provide the source code of their apps. It will also start with an assessment of data protection, an analysis of the source code and an investigation into information security.

Program appathon April 18 and 19

The “appathon” starts on Saturday morning at 10:00 with online presentations from the seven different teams to scientists and experts from both within and outside the government. The teams are then tested and questioned by the experts from various angles. Anyone who wants to can follow the presentations online at and email questions and suggestions.

The teams then work on incorporating the feedback from the experts and the public into their solution, so that it is even better suited to the source and contact research of the GGD and meets the strict requirements that are set. The first day of the “appathon” will be concluded at 17:00 with a question session and afterthought and a short presentation by the teams.

The participants start again on Sunday morning at 10:00 with a presentation of Saturday night’s work. They then have until 4:00 PM to further improve their solution. On this Sunday, experts will again give feedback and scientists will discuss the meaning of digital support for source and contact tracing. The ‘appathon’ will be concluded on Sunday afternoon at 4 pm with final demonstrations by the teams.

More information about the program, how to follow the presentations and how to submit questions or advice can be found at

Based on the expert and public advice and the advice of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, it will be announced next week whether and how apps can contribute to the work of the GGD and can be used safely and reliably.


Why the Privacy Statement Relevant?  

The privacy statement under the General Data Protection Regulation;


still a lot of work to be done!

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been applicable since 25 May 2018. This means that every organization within the European Union (EU) must comply with the same privacy legislation. The AVG (GDPR) replaces the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp) within the Netherlands. The implementation of the AVG (GDPR) has placed the data protection theme high on the corporate agenda of many organizations. But many companies and municipalities are not yet ready: "There is still a lot of work to be done."

Written by: B. Oenema, M. van der Waal and  B. Lashkari

See the linkDe%20privacyverklaring%201%20onder%20de.pdf 


Bakir Lashkari is currently The Senior Executive Sales at CERRIX GRC GDPR PROCESS CONTROL & AUDIT SOLUTIONS