Set Up A Genuine Project Organization

In order to be able to set up the project organization, you need first of all identify your project team, individual capabilities, required efforts and time (in Hours and days), getting the management commitment, last but not the least the commitment from the dedicated capabilities him or her – self’s!
The communication and regular meetings and progress reporting’s are the key Successful factors for any project which can be done on time, with in the budget and related risks as well as the availability of the required capabilities.
I believe in a team which is dedicated, committed to success rather than appointed by the management daily operation working environment. Training and coaching the team should be also a continuously process improvements by thinking in innovations and added values.

Radiance of the team should be contained in:

  • Positive, friendly, pleasant, celebrates success
  • Result focused and deliverable driven
  • Sense of relationship and relationships
  • Looking emphatically contact
  • Strong committed and realistic deadlines (objectives)
  • Wide optics with strong content based on both risk and IT as well as business stakeholders values (balanced values).
  • Bring peace and get home in order in chaotic environments with the organization.
  • Quality assurance and mitigated risk vs business objectives (in balanced).
  • Hard to the content but soft to humans.