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Why The KDBC - Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium?

KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium advocates for Dutch and Kurdish companies, helping them to strengthen their business ties.

As an active member of the global network of KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium, KDBC is a vital partner to Dutch and Kurdish companies operating in the Netherlands and Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). KDBC’s foundations lie in its long-standing partnership with the Dutch & Kurdish Business Companies. It strengthens commercial relations between the Netherlands and Iraq, particularly in the KRI.

In recent years, KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium has grown and evolved rapidly to become the KRI leader in business-to-government advocacy, networking, and strategic advisory. KDBC’s membership-based approach, professional team, and centrally located in The Netherlands and various partnership office in KRI are the leading factors behind its rapid growth.

Having knowledgeable professionals as consortium members is another reason behind the organization’s success. KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium members’ close ties with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Dutch Counsel in Erbil, and the KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium in The Netherlands help the organization support its business consortium members.

Bakir Lashkari, founding member and current President of KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium, defines the organization’s primary mission as “advancing Dutch business interests overseas and cementing the Dutch-Kurdish relationship through business and trade ties.”

As a Dutch businessman, Bakir Lashkari has several successful business activities in the Netherlands. He came back to Erbil, the capital of the KRI, for the first time in 2003 to explore investment opportunities in the Dairy Farms, Greenhouses, and the Banking sectors. He started his business activities, organizing several successful trade missions with the NCH (former Dutch Trade Promotion Organization in the Hague, The Netherlands. In Erbil in 2004 and 2005 after he identified strong potential for growth for several business activities in the KRI.

Expanding Activities
Since KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium started, there has been a surge in the organizations’ activities and demand for its services. He has overseen broad changes that have elevated KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium to a new level. Under his leadership, 20 new consortium business members have joined the business activities. The large business membership base allows for synergies to develop across all economic sectors creating a compelling community voice influencing policy changes.
KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium serves as a beacon for networking, information, and advocacy for all its Consortium business members.

As of 2022, KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium has increased the number of its networking events to connect its consortium business members with new businesses and the highest levels of government. The organization has outlined an ambitious events program for its consortium business members that prioritizes business networking, investment opportunities, sustainable development, employability, women’s leadership, and increased engagement between The Netherlands businesses operating in the KRI and the KRI businesses operating in the Netherlands.

In 2021 - 2022, KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium launched a series of virtual meetings drawing on its knowledge and strong connections to help companies understand the business environment in the KRI and decide where in the region to focus. In line with this objective, KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium, in partnership with the Dutch and the KRI - Ministry of Agricultural, organized a virtual event entitled “The Dutch Perspectives from Erbil,” which featured the KRG Ministers and The Dutch Counsel in Arbil during the Pandemic COVID-19.

KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium also raises awareness of the importance of women’s empowerment in the KRI. “We believe in women’s empowerment, which is one of the most important enablers of sustainable development in any economy,” Lashkari says. In 2021 NS 2022, the business KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium organized a virtual event entitled “The role of Women Leaders Strengthening Economic Growth and Agricultural” with the participation of various officials and KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium alongside women trailblazers in a wide variety of fields who have made significant contributions to the economy.

Also, on KDBC’s agenda for 2022 and 2023 are cultural events to support local artists and events providing support for the local workforce.
KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium determination to grow its initiatives stems from the KRG’s structural reforms to diversify the economy, upgrade its infrastructure, strengthen its workforce, digitalize government services, and streamline the investment process as well as encouraging the PPP – Public Private Partnerships.

Over the past decade, the business and investment climate in the KRI has improved despite regional political challenges. “Creating a broad-based economy is the KRG’s priority. The KRG continues to implement reforms in many areas that have increased the visibility of the KRI, making it more attractive to investors”, Bakir Lashkari says.

The KRI has massively invested in upgrading its infrastructure in the last decade. “We should pay tribute to the KRG for its commitment to upgrading its infrastructure. The Kurdish leadership has proved its resilience by continuing its infrastructure development projects in the face of adversity”, Lashkari adds.
The KRG’s digitalization policy, which aims to cut bureaucracy and simplify the roadmap for investors, feeds KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium confidence in the future of the KRI. The KRG is accelerating e-government services by publishing all requirements, reducing paperwork, and saving businesses both time and money to provide clear and consistent procedures for investors.

One of the other points that Lashkari highlights regarding the KRI’s long-term potential is its young population. “50 percent of the KRI’s population is under 20 years of age, and the level of education is improving rapidly. Nineteen new universities have opened in the last 15 years in the KRI. This level of commitment shows the KRG’s plans to capitalize on a young population to reinforce its workforce”, Lashakri says.

Opportunities for Dutch Businesses
As a Dutch businessman, Bakir Lashkari proudly stresses that “the perception and the trust shown to Dutch companies in the KRI is extremely positive. This is the biggest advantage for the Dutch companies doing business in the KRI”.

KDBC’s leadership believes that the Dutch and KRI are great partners, yet there is still much untapped potential. The KRI is still a virgin market and needs a full range of products and services in tech, IT, industry, energy, healthcare, logistics, agriculture, greenhouses, dairy farms, tourism, and other areas. All these sectors present various opportunities to Dutch businesses in the medium to long term.

Join our Business Consortium Network
By supporting KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium operating in the KRI, engaging Dutch companies and investors to invest in the KRI, and advocating for Kurdish businesses operating in the Netherlands, KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium promotes and taps into a dynamic synergy to create a business community bond. This strengthens the evolving economic ties between the Dutch and the KRI in a sustainable manner.
“Business cooperation has the potential to bring energy, vitality, and innovation to the Netherlands – KRI relationship. Therefore, we as KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium encourage all businesses and professionals to join our quest to bolster KDBC – Kurdish Dutch Business Consortium ties”, Bakir Lashkari concludes.

About The KDBC Founder; Bakir Lashkari


Mr. Bakir Lashkari is a versatile and multi-skilled professional with a broad background. He has master’s degrees in Business Administration (Nyenrode) , Leadership Dilemma’s & profitable Growth (IMD) and Marketing Access (INSEAD) and in PIM - Professional Interim Management (Nyenrode) as well as the Crisis Management professional in various stages of the organizations.

He is currently Professional In Business Development Strategic Management & International Business. He is the excellent Professional and experienced GRC - Governance, Risk and Compliance Senior Consultant.

Lashkari is a business developer and visionair on strategy development with high quality skills in building project proposals, designing value propositions, constructing strategic alliances, capacity development, management of sales processes, convincing stakeholders, working out financial scenarios, risks scenarios etc.

He is a global executive, versatile networker and has business experience on four continents and more than 25 countries across industries.

He has worked for more than 20 years in Banking, Insurance & Asset Global Investors, IT technology development, project development and international contracting. He is the inventor of building cultural and business bridges around the world.

For more than twenty years he was the owner of an interim business where he successfully introducing the concept of young professionals and entrepreneurship and innovation in education on crisis management and turnaround management in cooperation with Nyenrode University and London Business School. His philosophy is to educate young graduates who are able to create jobs rather than looking for jobs. His entrepreneurship model has been adapted by others in interim management, education and business.

Lashkari has a multi-cultural background, a true leader with strong presentation and persuasiveness skills and is a powerful speaker on different international podia. He is a visiting match maker and speaker at different business exhibitions and universities around the world. 

Currently Mr. Bakir Lashkari organizing the Trade Missions for The Dutch Companies in various sector to MENA & ASIA Regions, building and developing a business bridge between the b2b, private and public institutions and companies. The SME is the motor of the Economy and that is why he is emphasizing on promoting the great Dutch skills, products and services around the world.   

Bakir Lashkari Studied at and obtained the following High education diploma's: 

  • The University of Nyenrode in The Netherlands (Executive MBA) - picture 1
  • The University of IMD Lausanne, Switzerland, The Leadership Dilemma's and Profitable Growth (MBA) - picture 2
  • The University of Insead, Paris France, The Marketing Access (MBA) - picture 3
  • The training course of Crisis Management Organized by The Nyenrode University and Bakir Lashkari (FIM) - picture 4

Some of highlighted projects:

>> Bakir Lashkari, The Senior Executive Sales at Cerrix GRC Audit Solutions.

>> Bakir Lashkari The Senior Editor and Moderator of Risk and Compliance Platform Europe (2018)

>> Projects that have been implemented by Scrum Master / Product Owner Mr. Lashkari:

>> Rabobank - GDPR / Record Keeping  / Rabobank Sustainability Risk / Rabobank - Raboshop - 1Shop4ALL / Unbundling RBS & ABN AMRO

Asset Management Projects

>> Projects have been successfully implemented in Asset Management IT Tools and Organization Processes:

>> Achmea Global Investors / ABNAMRO Investment Banking / SNS Asset Management / AEGON Asset Management 

>> Rabobank / RBS / ABNAMRO / SNS Bank / SNS REAAL / Delta Lloyd / AEGON / Bank Mendes Gans (ING) / StaalBankiers / ACHMEA ASSET MANAGEMENT / ACHMEA INSURANCE / Citibank -Citicorp

How do I approach the Projects? 

Professional Project Approach: 

End-to-end responsible for the delivery of (International) Project(s). / Managing the complete project life cycle, using the Prince2 and Scrum/Agile methodology. / Coordinate internal resources (multiple scrum / project teams) and (international) third parties / vendors for the flawless execution of projects Ensure resource availability and allocation. Motivate project team members. Chair weekly project team meetings and report in monthly project - program boards. / Developing project scopes and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical and functional feasibilities. / Ensure that projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget. / Develop a detailed project plan together with architects and other solution designers.Track progress on project plan and report accordingly to the different boards in the organisation, both in the Netherlands or other country and abroad (involved countries). / Escalate to management as needed. / Manage the relationship with the client and all other relevant stakeholders. / Perform risk management to minimize project risks. 

Bakir Lashkari (Senior Triple Executive MBA)

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