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About us

Mr. Bakir Lashkari is a versatile and multi-skilled professional with a broad background. He has master’s degrees in Business Administration (Nyenrode) , Leadership Dilemma’s & profitable Growth (IMD) and Marketing Access (INSEAD) and in PIM - Professional Interim Management (Nyenrode).

He is currently Professional In Business Development Strategic Management & International Business. He is the excellent Professional and experienced GRC - Governance, Risk and Compliance Senior Consultant.

Lashkari is a business developer and visionair on strategy development with high quality skills in building project proposals, designing value propositions, constructing strategic alliances, capacity development, management of sales processes, convincing stakeholders, working out financial scenarios, risks scenarios etc.

He is a global executive, versatile networker and has business experience on four continents and more than 25 countries across industries.

He has worked for more than 20 years in Banking, Insurance & Asset Global Investors, IT technology development, project development and international contracting. He is the inventor of building cultural and business bridges around the world.

For more than twenty years he was the owner of an interim business where he successfully introducing the concept of young professionals and entrepreneurship and innovation in education on crisis management and turnaround management in cooperation with Nyenrode University and London Business School. His philosophy is to educate young graduates who are able to create jobs rather than looking for jobs. His entrepreneurship model has been adapted by others in interim management, education and business.

Lashkari has a multi-cultural background, a true leader with strong presentation and persuasiveness skills and is a powerful speaker on different international podia. He is a visiting match maker and speaker at different business exhibitions and universities around the world. 

Bakir Lashkari The Senior Editor and Moderator of Risk and Compliance Platform Europe (2018)

Projects that have been implemented by Scrum Master / Product Owner Mr. Lashkari:

  • Rabobank - GDPR / Record Keeping
  • Rabobank Sustainability Risk
  • Rabobank - Raboshop - 1Shop4ALL
  • Unbundling RBS & ABN AMRO

Asset Management Projects

Projects have been successfully implemented in Asset Management IT Tools and Organisation Processes:

  • Achmea Global Investors
  • ABNAMRO Investment Banking
  • SNS Asset Management
  • AEGON Asset Management 

Welcome to Banking, Insurance, Pensions and Asset Management Projects that have been implemented by Mr. Lashkari:

  • Rabobank
  • RBS
  • SNS Bank
  • Delta Lloyd
  • Bank Mendes Gans (ING)
  • StaalBankiers
  • Citibank ( CitiCorp ) 

Bakir Lashkari, The Project & Implementation Manager / Senior Business & Innovation Consultant