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Project Dairy Farm in Sulaymaniyah implemented in 2020 -2021

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Fact Finding Study planning for 3rd quarter 2021 (Dairy Farms and Horticulture - Kurdistan Region Iraq)

The Kurdistan region - Iraq priorities in  the fields of agriculture are restoring its own grain production and growing vegetables (from importer to exporter), drink water management including desalination and the development of its own agri-food industry. In addition, there are great opportunities for cooperation in dairy farms, greenhouses (horticulture) , poultry farms and drink water purification as well as supplying of pumps and hydraulics in all sectors. A MOI will be signed soon between the Dutch Government & KRG for developing and supporting the agriculture sector in Kurdistan Region - Iraq. We are continuously in close talks with the RVO, Dutch companies, Kurdistan companies, the Dutch officials and KRI officials to find out the best ways for optimal cooperation and doing business in the region.

Program will be followed asap in cooperation with the involvement of all stakeholders.