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Connecting & Controlling Your Business Activities for Governance, Risk, Resilience and Compliance, GDPR & Auditing is Our Business Framework!

How to overcome this Corona Crisis?

How Compliance Leading the Organization through Recovery from COVID-19

New Normal vs Next Normal

“Having experienced a new way of living, consumers are recalibrating their spending, increasing the likelihood that spending may permanently shift between categories and that online services could get adopted far faster.” -

“The crisis will reveal not just vulnerabilities but opportunities to improve the performance of businesses... Opportunities to push the envelope of technology adoption will be accelerated by rapid learning about what it takes to drive productivity when labour is unavailable”.

Protect: Ensure Well-Being & Productivity

Facilitate a Virtual Workplace

Be Practical

  • Use existing technologies to facilitate a remote workplace
  • Focus on critical processes & positions
  • Embrace change and explore new ways of doing things
  • Use data to measure progress / success 

Key Outcomes

  • Help achieve a crisis-agnostic environment
  • Minimal disruption of operation Continued collaboration and productivity
  • Enable asynchronous collaboration



“The CERRIX product is a result of close co-operation between business consultants with experience in the GRC domain, the CERRIX client base and experienced software developers with knowledge of recent state-of-the-art techniques.” 

Focussing on the new and existing clients on areas of GRC- Governance Risk and Compliance, GDPR , PROCESS CONTROL and AUDIT SOLUTIONS