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Bakir Lashkari, The Senior Editor Moderator of Risk & Compliance Platform Europe

Bakir Lashkari The Senior Editor and Moderator of Risk and Compliance Platform Europe 2017-2018

Bakir Lashkari is moderator at the Behavioral Risk Congress 2018. Bakir is a versatile professional with a broad background. He holds several Masters in Business Administration in Leadership Dilemmas & Profitable Growth (IMD) and Marketing Access (INSEAD) and in PIM - Professional Interim Management (Nyenrode). He is Senior Consultant in the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance.

He has worked in Banking, Insurance & Asset Management for over 20 years and is familiar with IT technology, project management and international contracts. Bakir Lashkari has a multicultural background with strong presentation and persuasiveness and regularly speaks at various international venues. He is a networker and has business experience on four continents and in various sectors.