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Bakir Lashkari as a Senior Consultant?

Core competencies: perseverance, stress-proof, resilience, structured and thoroughness. 

As a Consultant - Governance, Risk & Compliance Project Manager, I help companies understand their Governance, Risk, Compliance, Security, GDPR and GRC  issues & protect business activities. In addition, I develop risk management & due diligence procedures. I also improve & implement processes & tools in various IT systems.

He is committed & have proven to be able to build bridges, process management, and good stakeholder management.


In order to be able to set up the project organization, you need first of all identify your project team, individual capabilities, required efforts and time (in Hours and days), getting the management commitment, last but not the least the commitment from the dedicated capabilities him or her – self’s!


The communication and regular meetings and progress reporting’s are the key Successful factors for any project which can be done on time, within the budget and related risks as well as the availability of the required capabilities.
I believe in a team which is dedicated, committed to success rather than appointed by the management daily operation working environment. Training and coaching the team should be also a continuously process improvements by thinking in innovations and added values.  



 You can hire Bakir Lashkari also as a speaker as well as a moderator! (Risk and Compliance between 2017-2018) 

 You can hire Bakir Lashkari also a Project or Program Manager! (Various Projects at Rabobank between 2011-2017) 

 We help the companies to implement, maintain and set up the Microsoft 365 - Sharepoint:With Microsoft SharePoint, you can create a team site where you can easily find, share, and manage information.


What is insight in the user side and the administrator side of SharePoint. 
"We are working together and very closely with a certified specialist Microsoft SharePoint, proven as the best outstanding records on this area of Microsoft SharePoint".

Main Topics
SharePoint CapabilitiesThe SharePoint interfaceCustomizing the interface (Quick Start and favorites)The different librariesUploading documentsChecking In and out of documentsWorking with lists·Setting up a siteTagsCreate a subsite (team site)Add Web apps to the siteAdd pagesThe layout of a pageAdd different types of content Set navigations


 Why the Privacy Statement Relevant?  

The privacy statement under the General Data Protection Regulation;
still a lot of work to be done!

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been applicable since 25 May 2018. This means that every organization within the European Union (EU) must comply with the same privacy legislation. The AVG (GDPR) replaces the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp) within the Netherlands. The implementation of the AVG (GDPR) has placed the data protection theme high on the corporate agenda of many organizations. But many companies and municipalities are not yet ready: "There is still a lot of work to be done."

Written by: B. Oenema, M. van der Waal and  B. Lashkari

See the linkDe%20privacyverklaring%201%20onder%20de.pdf