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How a Digital Business Card can help you network effectively!

We live and we work in two distinct worlds; the virtual world and the physical world. Both are intrinsically connected and work together to enhance all aspects of our life.

We can all agree that innovative technology has allowed for an efficient networking experience to be created online. Drum roll please… Introducing the Digital Business Card! A product that blends the limitless advantages of online marketing with the traditional function of a business card.

As we all know, networking is extremely time consuming, however, 100% essential to business success. The Digital Card acts as a virtual extension of face to face networking in the physical world, bringing a level of ease to:

  • following up leads
  • converting prospect clients into contacts
  • expanding your network
  • promoting your company and its services
  • It’s as easy and as effective as it sounds!

Imagine this:

You have just finished a successful business networking lunch and have made strong connections with a few potential clients. You now have a handful of business cards which you have to manually enter into a database. It’s a time consuming process. To ease the process for your new connections you send them a link to your Digital Business Card via your digital card itself where they are able to access and save all your details in seconds.

 Instantly you are differentiated from competitors and stand out. You have created another touch point and have fully branded yourself through your Digital Business Card. There is no need to search for your website or social media pages, scroll through numerous emails to find contact details. Everything is conveniently located in one place. You have shown you are professional, tech savvy and able to follow through on promises.

 Further down the track you review your monthly Digital Card analytics where you can view the level of engagement with your Digital Card. You see that one of your new contacts has shared your Digital Card with 10 people and those 10 people have shared it further. Your one contact has now created multiple warm leads for you. The cycle continues to flow and your network rapidly expands.

 A Digital Business Card is all about convenience. It is a tool that sets you apart from your competitors and allows you to network and collaborate with ease. It is the networking tool of the future. The power of a Digital Business Card allows your business to generate more leads and enquiries instantly, leading the path to an increased conversion rate in what is primarily a numbers game.


Your Digital Card continues to work for you, beyond a hard copy of a business card giving you more time to spend on other aspects of growing your business!